Selling your Car?

Selling your Car?

That created MutiNews! For you and all
People who live in Burlington and Oakville, we can
place classified ads free of charge concerning
the reason for our interest.

Whether you are selling your car, your boat, this sailboat
I have left in the backyard. Whether you
you are seeking employment or whether you require in your
company a person to work … every opportunity
publish your ad Gatis are in Multinews.

– Sales
– Shopping
– Rentals
– Offer services
– Jobs
– Make appointments
– Make donations to charity
– Everything else: Category General

As your ad for free?

It is very easy.
1- Give click on the tab of the main menu which is
to the right of it and it says Post Free Classifed.

2- Choose the desired category

3- Fill the boxes with the required information

4- Take our policy publications

5- Provide the result of which checks CAPTCHA
you are not a robot spider the internet

6- Click Publish.
The system will confirm that your ad has been publcado
Immediately, you may revizar your listing and see
how it turned publcado.

Important: If you have not been Previously filed,
May not edit your ad later.

You may also browse through the advertisements and
Categories and there find that product or service
needs. Just click Browse.

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