It’s time for Oakville News

How to know what happens in town where we work and where we live?
Indeed, when one desplza tods das home to work and from work to home, no time to learn anything.
That movies be giving at the movies? What will be the roximo event in town? There is a new exhibition of art to which you would like to go? Where it will be held? You know that tends entered bids?
When Jazz Festival? Anyway … there are many things you quiciera know but few answers. That created Multinews! To collect all the important information you require.

For all these reasons, we encourage you to visit frequently but above all, be aware of our issues printed, as these are depleted quickly. You can find them at:

– Convenient Stores
– Hair Saloons
– Beauty Parlors
– Mini-markets
– Indy Fast Foods and Pizza
– Latin Restaurants and Latin Stores
– Burlington and Oakville Go Train
– Oil Changers
– Ren a Cars
– Hotels

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