How to use our QR Code?

How to use our QR Code?

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First of all, we want to accept that not everyone is familiar with QR codes and this is precisely the reason why we want to encourage you regarding your valuable utility and convenience.

Let’s see.
You find yourself in the mini market and there is a copy of Multinews. Begins to leaf through and quickly realizes that there there a couple of articles that interest you. He then decides to take that last ejempar of multinews left on the shelf and zaz! Suddenly enters another hand quickly takes Multinews you were viewing and leaves.

What to do?

This is where your phone goes into action.
As you will know, your phone Mobil should be able to scan codes
QR, if you do not already have the application, we suggest downloading
Free Google Play or Apple Store.
The aplcacion is called QR Code Reader.

Once you have installed on your phone, you can now open.
This stay exactly as your Mobil appears before a Photo.
Round your phone to the QR code and as soon as it finds the photo, will be automatically scanned. Likewise, almost immediately, your phone you will open the page MutiNews Online.

Actually the QR code is very practical because you do not have to type the web address in your browser and particulatmente when you are rushed tempo, will let go very quickly to any desired website.

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