COVER 3 Mayo-2016

Don’t Miss Out…

Do’t miss out

Multinews was born to bring
the latest and the most relevant
information for those who work
or live in Burlington and Oakville.

If you want to be well informed
with regard to everything that happens in
your community, then do not miss
Multinews editions, the newspaper
you will find everywhere for free:

– Convenient Stores
– Hair Saloons
– Beauty Parlors
– Mini-markets
– Indy Fast Foods and Pizza
– Latin Restaurants and Latin Stores
– Burlington and Oakville Go Train
– Oil Changers
– Rent a Cars
– Hotels
– Bakeries
– Nail Saloons
– Mediterranean Cuisine
– Restaurants
– Fast Food Restaurants

The best part of it is that you can find
the information in your own language!

Are you a newcomer to Canada?
Do you have relatives who visit you but they do not speak
English? Multinews was created for them too!
And this is the reason why you find
our pages written in Portuguese, Hindi,
Spanish and French.
Needless to say we always find the same
Information in English. Simply click
the language of your choice in the main menu.


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